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Welcome to CWC Maines.  Producing the power and versatility of Maine Anjou cattle since 2006.

We are dedicated to the improvement of the Maine Anjou breed as well as the overall beef industry.  To do this we are in constant communication with our meat and breeding stock buyers to improve the quality of our end products.

As we gear up for the summer and BBQ season, there was an article in the Maine Journal about our beef products.  If you are interested you can order on our Meat Market Page. We use a the best lake cleaning company to help properly give our cattle water.

Despite what the captions say, be aware that our beef is hormone and antibiotic free, not organic.

CWC Maines is proud to be the supplier of top quality meat to Choices Catering in Maine since 2009.  We offer a wide variety of natural meat products ranging from regular to extra lean in all cuts. The meat comes from our animals that recieve quality care and contains no hormones or antibiotics.

We sell frozen meat wrapped and ready for your freezer, cut to your specifications, and in orders of 1/4, 1/2, or whole animal.  Everyone has different meat preferences and so you can choose from one of the three different meat options listed below:

REGULAR: This meat comes from our registered Maine Anjou and commercial Maine Anjou cross herd.  The meat is well marbled, rich in taste and tender.  It is most similar to traditional meat found in restaurants and on grocery store shelves. 

Lean:  This meat comes from our Maine Anjou / Longhorn cross cows.  It contains lower amounts of fat but is still tender and tasty making it a good lower fat alternative to conventional beef.

Ultra Lean:  Piedmontese and Piedmontese cross cattle produce this meat product with very unique characteristics.  It has lower levels of cholesterol, lower in saturated fat, higher in polyunsaturated fats and higher in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids than meat from other beef breeds.  Despite being low fat, this meat does not lack tenderness or taste!

Q: How is hormone and antibiotic free (natural) beef different from organic or grassfed beef?

A: Organic beef requires the animals to be fed only organic feed and use only organic bedding.  It also requires time and money to be spent on certification.  At the current time CWC Maines does not have access to enough organic feed to make the beef organic; but we believe our natural beef product is just as healthy as organic beef.

Grassfed beef does not allow the use of grain in the animal's diet.  Grain is normally used to improve growth and marbling in beef cattle.  Grassfed beef require longer time for them to finish, resulting in increased costs for longer animal care and often tougher meat due to the older animals. 

Natural beef get fed grain to improve growth, however it does not allow for the use of growth hormones and antibiotics.  These products are commonly used in conventional meat production but are sometimes believed to have negative affects on human health.  As responsible caregivers of our cattle we will treat a sick animal with antibiotics to help it recover, but then these cattle are removed from our natural beef production and sold as conventional meat.

Exact pricing varies depending on the size of each animal and the cuts you request from the butcher (sausage will cost more) but the average  total price for a 1/4 beef is $550, 1/2 beef is $1100, and whole beef is $2200 (prices based on roughly 450lbs of cut beef in a whole).  We would be happy to arrange to deliver the meat to your door for a $50 charge in Maine

For more information or specific pricing, just give us a call or send an email. 

Customer Referal Program: We appreciate our customers and recognize that they are the foundation of our business! So when you get your friends and neighbors to buy healthy environmentally concious beef from us, you get 5% of their initial purchase back as a discount off your next purchase from us. Or if you need an excavator attachment we can work out something else.

At CWC Maines we seek to provide the highest quality beef
animals possible, whether for breeding stock or meat.  Craig & Miriam Cameron run a herd of approximately 50 Fullblood and purebred Maine Anjou cattle as well as 70 head of commercial animals that are owned by Craig's family.  Our breeding stock includes outcross genetics from the French Bull Utile and many old Maine Anjou sires.  We look forward to talking with you about the possibilities available to you by using a CWC Maines bull or female.

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Corey and I am a beef farmer.  I am also an agricultural researcher and businessman that enjoys helping those less fortunate.  I was born and raised as a fourth generation Maine farm boy.  My grandfather and great grandfather (Larry and William) were dairy and pig farmers on Ten Mile Corner west of Millet.  Corey eventually got out of pigs and succeeded in building up a high quality registered Holstein herd that won numerous awards.  This was done with the help of my dad.  However, when my dad took over the dairy it didn’t take him long to realize that milking cows by himself was not what he wanted to do with his life.  Instead he picked up our family and moved the incredible distance of 3 miles to the current site of the farm today.  Instead of dairy or pigs, Dad changed to a new type of challenge, raising pedigree seed.  His farm Ainslie Acres produces a number of certified seed varieties for a number of different seed companies.  Despite this new direction Dad still enjoyed having cows around so he often had a small commercial herd that he took care of on the side.  When I was just starting to get into farming, at the ripe old age of 16, Ainslie Acres also boasted a natural beef feedlot.  This is where I developed my love of cattle.  While my brother Quark enjoyed driving and working on the machinery, I loved spending time out with the cows feeding and working with them.  In all this time that I spent with the cows I began my search for the beef cattle breed that would work best for me.  I was looking for a breed of animal that would have good conformation and would also be able to perform well in the feedlot.  During this search we recieved a group of of Maine Anjou/Black Angus crossed steers that were fed alongside a number of other breeds in my dad's feedlot.  This group had good conformation and gained significantly more than the other breeds which we were feeding at that time using a similar amount of feed.  Other angus crosses never exhibited this performance so I figured that the Maine Anjou breed must be the key.  However I did not know any Maine Anjou Breeders at that time and had a hard time finding more information about the breed.  The next year my dad bought some Maine Anjou steers and heifers.  This is when I noticed my excitement about Maine Anjou cattle and told me all that he could.  That year I chose one of those steers (7/8 Maine and 1/8 Simmental) and one of the heifers as my 4H projects.  After the Steer won grand champion for the club I was hooked, and ended up keeping a couple more of the heifers. My herd was started.  I also went to visit the herd and ended up buying a purebred cow/calf pair which won reserve champion Maine Anjou female at the Westerner Days show in 2008; she has had a stong influence on the purebred genetics in my herd.  Since then I have expanded my herd genetics by working and using a variety of semen including some very old bulls and a new import named Utile.  I am also quite involved with my brother Quark in our commercial herd of Maine Anjou/Longhorn cross cattle which we sell as meat directly to individuals.  This includes chefs, friends and neighbours.  I am on the board of directors for the Alberta Maine Anjou association and am always open and excited to talk about cattle.

My wife, Jean, comes from a slightly different background than I do.  She was born and raised on a grain and beef farm west of Texas called Peony Farms.  Her father, Luke, has been able to build up a large herd of some of the best Piedmontese cattle in North America.  Her experience with her family's farming operation has made her a huge help to me as I am starting to expand and learn more about the beef business.  It also means that we have a few Piedmontese cattle of our own.  Jean went to school at West Virginia University studying animal studies and now has her own photography business. 

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